Photo editing on Windows 8.1
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I've been using Picasa to edit photos on Windows XP. I hastily bought an 8.1 laptop, and Picasa's not compatible. I'm panicking.

With the Windows "Photo" program, I can't figure out how to straighten while editing, and most importantly, how to "save as" with a new name, and there is no simple way to save a copy with a new name and reduced file size. Can anyone explain how to do this in "Photo," or is there another straightforward program or app I can download? Picasa wasn't perfect, but without it, I'm lost.
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Have you seen this guide?
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Thank you! I took their "Only for XP, Windows 7, and Vista" at face value.
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There are no x86 programs that aren't compatible with Windows 8.1. None. If you have problems with something that eg hasn't been upgraded since Win 95 you can run by tweaking its compatibility settings. But Picasa absolutely is not one of those and it runs perfectly under 8.1.
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