Where is this Calvin and Hobbes strip?
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I remember seeing a Calvin and Hobbes strip linked to from MetaFilter that I'd like to find again. Calvin's dad is reading a newspaper, and Calvin calls him uptight. His dad says something like, "I'm not uptight, I just get things done." Can you find it for me? I think it's a three-panel strip.

Any other strips from any comic that have a similar zingy take on being uptight would be welcome as well.
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Try the Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine
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Best answer: "Dad, what's a control freak?"
"That's what lazy, slipshod, careless, cut-corner workers call anyone who cares enough to do something right. "
"Am I in the presence of their king? Should I kneel?"
"If anything works in this world, it's because one of us took charge."

I usually have this one posted in my office somewhere.
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