Create a site based around your family tree
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Say you want to create a site based around your family tree. Members may want to log in to upload pictures, view tree structure, etc.

I found mefi threads here and here - but those cover more about tracking your geneology on public databases or compiling it on a local machine, neither of which are what I need.

I can, of course, make the tree myself and upload it as an image - that still leaves the community / uploading pictures part. (I'd rather not use a message board.) Any ideas?
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Shouldn't be that hard to do with a custom php/yourchoiceoflanguagehere script. Sounds like a fun project, actually. Don't know of any premade scripts, but they may be out there.
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I highly recommend TNG. It's built with php/mysql by one guy who updates it constantly. I'm pretty sure you pay once and get free upgrades as he develops it. You can give users access to upload photos, etc. I've been using it for a few years, I think I found it via a Google search and have been a happy customer since.
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jdl beat me to it; TNG is exactly what you're looking for.
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I also use TNG. Easy, cheap, and the best.
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My family (heh) uses There's also a calendar system so y'all can keep up with current events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).
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Response by poster: Great suggestions - I will definetely try TNG and (TNG sounds especially promising since I was looking to host a unique domain name...) Thanks all!
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