Sites that let you search for bands by location?
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I'm looking for a website that will let me search for bands using the location they're based in. I remember using a site that let me do this in the past, but I can't find it again for the life of me.
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depending on the tags they use you can kind of get this (somewhat) with Bandcamp. It's not perfect, and you are limited to BC users but...
posted by edgeways at 9:51 AM on April 30, 2014

You might be thinking of the old MySpace, which used to allow searching bands by location. ReverbNation will let you do that now, though.
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I think the old MySpace is what I'm thinking of. I found some really cool bands that way. I'll give ReverbNation a go, though. Thank you!
posted by considerspace at 5:11 AM on May 1, 2014

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