How many pairs of shoes do well-dressed women have?
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Riffing off this related question, I'm wondering what's average for a shoe collection for a woman. I realize feeling well-dressed doesn't necessarily mean spending mucho money or owning many options. I'm curious what you think constitutes a good shoe collection.

I just realized I do own a lot of shoes, but problem is many of them don't fit well AND they're generally too casual. I'm in my twenties and don't have a high budget for clothing, hindered by the fact that I have chronic shin splints. I can't deal with poorly-constructed shoes with little support, nor heels, and only buy higher-priced options when they're on sale.

However, now that I have a little more money and a better sense of perspective of what makes a good shoe investment, I'm planning to buy a few more pairs. I'm particularly interested in how many heels, flats, and other dressy shoes y'all own.

So, tell me about your closets. Do you feel you have shoes for all occasions -- formal, casual, work, exercise? How many shoes do you have in each category?
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