What to do with powdered milk?
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A few weeks ago I made these cookies, which call for half a cup of milk powder. They were delicious, but I now have a whole lot of extra left over -- what are some interesting things I can do with it (other than mix it with water and drink it as milk)?
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Homemade Hot Chocolate mix
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Block a Western Blot
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Put it in a bath with some epsom salts and essential oils.
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When I was a kid I liked to dip sliced watermelon into powdered milk.
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Second vote here for hot chocolate mix. It's not as good as actually making hot chocolate on the stove but way better than buying mix at the store.
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You can use dry milk in a lot of bread, rolls, and baked goods recipes.
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There are kid friendly no-bake snacks called Lincoln Logs which are basically peanut butter + powdered milk + corn syrup; mix and roll into logs that you wrap in wax paper and keep in the fridge. (Several recipes online.)
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Make enough cookies for everyone and then share.
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I believe powdered milk to be the secret ingredient of a certain ice blended coffee drink, adding a creaminess and hint of sweetness without overly diluting the espresso. Yes, it's addictive.
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Gulab Jamun -- it's an Indian dessert. Think donut holes with syrup. Soooo good :)
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I've made something similar to LobsterMitten's Lincoln Logs, but with honey rather than corn syrup. Mix peanut butter with a bit of honey to taste, then mix with powdered milk until it has the sculptable texture of play dough, not messy and sticky like peanut butter. It's fun to play with and to eat, tasting a bit like the middle of a Reese's cup.

You can also add it to regular milk to boost it's protein content when making yogurt to get a firmer yogurt.
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Oooh...You need to make my great recipe for Crème Caramel - the milk powder allows you to control the amount of water in the mix and you end up with a firm, creamy custard that people will weep over. It's the simplest recipe ever and takes about 10 minutes to put it together.
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Add it to pancake batter for richness (tho buttermilk powder is ideal)
Take it camping/backpacking: put a few spoonfuls on granola and pour hot water over. (Also good if you run out of milk and need quick breakfast at home!)
Throw a little in pasta/other sauces or soups to add creaminess without watering down: mac and cheese, chowders or any cream based soup, casseroles, creamy tomato sauce/soup...
Add to coffee or tea instead of "creamer"
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Make chicken stock!
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I used to make yogurt with powdered milk and it turned out great.
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You can substitute powdered milk for a third of the sugar in any standard cake or cookie recipe; it makes baked goods a little chewier and less sweet. You can also grind it finely in a food processor or blender (assuming it's the fluffy popcorn-shaped instant kind and not the already-powdered non-instant kind) and substitute it for up to half the powdered sugar in a buttercream or powdered sugar/butter frosting, which makes it less sweet and gives a glossy sheen.
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Powdermilk Biscuits!
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My leftover powdered milk is from Momofuku crack pie.
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I use it + skim/lowfat milk in place of cream in recipes like soups. Pretty much anywhere that cream would be nice but I don't want the fat of cream.
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You can enrich peanut butter with it. It's pretty tasty that way.
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Just FYI, powdered milk is purportedly pretty shelf-stable, which it is, but not indefinitely, and you won't know it's turned until you mix it with water (trust me, it is GROSS). If you have an opened package of powdered milk for more than a few weeks, keep it in the fridge or freezer.
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