Online Color Scheme (but not that kind)
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I have a colourway for a website consisting of 9 colour slots. One colour is repeated (slot #2 and slot #8) and I need to not repeat colours. Are there any online color schemers that will let me put in the 8 colors and make a suggestion for a 9th? My only criteria is that it provide good contrast for white text.

(Or is you have a suggestion for a colour, please do make it -- I am just plain out of colours!)
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IANAWD, so I'm unsure exactly what you're talking about. But I've frequently turned to something called Color Scheme Designer 3 when I need to get color relationship suggestions.

Not sure if you can manually input colors, as I've not dug that deep into the site (I'm easily amused just by moving the sliders). Would not surprise me, though.

I think that it is geared toward people in the graphic design/web design field, but I just use it to get tricky with my clothes.
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I think something from one of these color schemes might work:

I really like the grey in this one.

And the yellow from this one.

This one is very similar, just adds a yellow and red, I think.
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Dribbble lets you search by color. So you could, feasibly, just pick out colors that are like yours until you see something you like. For example, this is your #6. (Lowering the minimum % will give you examples with a wider array of colors)

But, here's my personal suggestions: Some of the colors are a bit off. I've rearranged the colors you have (leaving out the duplicate), and if you look at the 3 shades of blue, the darkest one is way too gray. The others are much more blue green. Here's my suggested fix (right) next to your original colors (left).

And, with that fix, here's my color #9 suggestion.

IMO, and please don't take offense to this I'm really just soundboarding here, I think the orange is kind of washed out, and maybe the indigo is out of place? I messed around with it and came up with this new scheme, only loosely based off yours. It's more...hectic? Bold? it's less... linear. I don't know what I'm going for, here. Colors are hard to talk about. But there you go!
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Thanks! This was very helpful and we've got a colour the client accepted (#39A99B in case anyone was desperate to know.) I appreciate the suggestions and the time it took to make them.
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