Sound card killed by Outlook Express
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Sound card shuts down when I load Outlook Express. This is a recent problem, possibly brought on by installing the newest version of SpyBot S&D (with Tea Timer)

This occurs on an old Sony VAIO tower with an ASUS motherboard having a resident Aureal Vortex 8830 on board. If music is playing from any source, local or on the internet, when I click on the Outlook Express icon to load it, the music stutters, then dies. After that, every 3 seconds or so, I get a 1/2 second burst of the music, then silence again.

I have uninstalled SB S&D, checked for IRQ conflicts (none), restored to 3 weeks ago and reinstalled the driver. The only thing that will re-invigorate the sound is to disable it then enable it in device manager. If, however, OE is running, then I can load and play to my heart's content.

Any suggestions? Switching to; Linux, Apple, browser mail, or PCI sound card won't do.
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Windows version? Memory?
posted by nkyad at 5:04 PM on October 25, 2005

Response by poster: Win xp sp2. 256 M Ram
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I've experienced problems with my soundcard (which is a picky external MOTU) when I'm running Winamp and happen to open iTunes. My guess is that outlook express tries to grab the sound drivers in an unfriendly way and causes problems. Is it possible to turn off sounds in OE?
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