Where can I get a less expensive version of this dress?
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The Gucci dress that Emma Stone wore on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show was stunning. I can't afford Gucci. Is there a good copycat?

I absolutely loved Emma Stone's dress on Fallon's show, but I can't afford Gucci... in fact, I can't afford to pay more than $150 or $200 for a fancy dress like that, especially because I won't be able to wear it often. I loved the side cutouts (particularly their length), the leather detailing on the collar and shoulders, and her perfectly-matched black bandeau bra (is that part of the dress?). Is there a reasonably-priced facsimile somewhere?

Alternatively, what search terms should I use to find a dress like this? Everything I'm finding using the term "side cutout dress" looks... less than classy. I'm going for a classy look. I have a very similar body type to Ms. Stone, although I'm shorter and am a bit bustier.
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BCBG is the closest comparison in terms of general style I can think of close to that price range; I found a maxi only slightly similar in idea, which I know isn't that close to what you want. There are a few dresses with some of the relevant details, not all together, on a search for 'black dress side cutout' on polyvore. (Though, yup, the cheaper ones do get shorter and more risque.)

Oh! But Asos just offered up a dress by Oasis that looks kind of similar, and it's on sale.. (it is a bit shorter than Emma Stone's, though).
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One option would be to buy a cutout black dress like this or this or this or this and add a detachable leather collar such as this one.

For search terms, try 'sheath cutout dress', that'll probably give you the higher neckline you're looking for here.
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My favorite thing about Emma Stone's dress is that the "cutouts" are pretty much the entire length of the dress (from armpits to waist) - the dresses y'all are posting are lovely, but the cutouts are tiny. Any other dresses with big cutouts, that run the length of the dress from top to waist?
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I would keep my eyes on Allen B Schwartz (ABS)'s upcoming collections. They are known for doing affordable knock offs of high fashion dresses worn by celebrities.
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For the deep side cutouts, maybe try the search term "pinafore"? You're not going to get the leather collar, I know, and some of the results will be very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but you also get this. I got a ton of other ASOS results when I googled "black pinafore dress."
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A few more options? 1 2 3 4 with a black skirt?

Unfortunately since this is an A/W style, so you may not see exact knock-offs hit the fast fashion market until this fall. But if you're willing to wait, I'm like 99% sure forever21 or asos will have one.
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her perfectly-matched black bandeau bra (is that part of the dress?)

If you look at the runway pictures, it looks like it is part of the dress. Since this is from the Fall 2014 Gucci collection, it just came out, so knock-offs might not be available until later, but the dresses sonmi linked to are not bad.
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This dress from American Apparel has the deep cutout you're looking for.
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Cutout is the wrong word for this IMO. It's more about the "dropped" or "deep" armhole.

This dress has a collar and a fairly deep dropped armhole, but the shape is more swingy than the Gucci dress.

This is a jumpsuit, and the top is white, but the bandeau detail is almost perfect.

This dress doesn't have a collar or bandeau but you could always add those. Here is another. Here's a maxi dress.

You could always make your own by using a tank.

Also seconding the "pinafore" dress idea, such as this one.
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Found a better match, no collar but it looks equally high-end. Pricey though, from T by Alexander Wang.
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Wow, thanks for all these suggestions.

I actually am kind of in love with the jumper posted by acidic and even though it is not really much like the dress at all, it captures something that I liked in the dress (I think it's that dropped armhole + bandeau).

Some gorgeous things in this thread here. Thanks!
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I saw this H&M dress and suddenly remembered this thread! No leather collar, and a slightly different cut-out shape, but otherwise not too far off.
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