Which waffle maker is the best waffle maker?
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It's time to buy a new waffle maker. It will be a Mother's Day gift. I want to give the best waffle maker in the world to the best wife and mother in the world - which waffle maker should it be?

The recipient has expressed a desire for a new waffle maker. Problems with the current waffle maker are primarily that it's not ours (on extended loan from mother-in-law) and secondarily that batter tends to get into the coil running between the top and bottom surfaces, making cleaning kind of a pain.
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I have this one from Cuisinart and I love it, but it is important to note that it does not make Belgian Waffles - it makes "classic" style, flatter waffles. Which was exactly what I was looking for as I am not a fan of the thicker, Belgian ones.
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We've been really happy with this Waring Pro Belgian Waffle maker. We've used it weekly for several years with no complaints.
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I have used the Black & Decker chrome 3-in-1 Waffle Maker and Indoor Griddle for years and years, and my family used one just like it for years and years before that. It's metal, super reliable, and big, so it makes a lot of waffles. And I make the best waffles in the universe almost every Sunday evening, as anyone who has come over for Sunday waffles at my house can attest.
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For perfect classic round waffles, this one is indeed awesome.
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Serious Eats like this Waring Pro, which I covet. And they use it for everything from stuffing waffles to reheating pizza into fantastic hot-pocketesque creations.
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Actually, maybe it's this KitchenAid. They mentioned it once but now I can't seem to find it.
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This one looks like the ones at hotels, and at 7x the cost of the others it should be 7x as good.....
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I've recently had the opportunity to use this one. I own six waffle irons (long story) and this is the nicest to use by far. It's also $200. Is it worth that? I don't know. But it's a very nice waffle iron. Very nice.
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I love my #9 griswold cast iron waffle iron. It works well on the stovetop, over a campfire, and on a woodstove. Nothing beats waffles made on a campfire.
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I have the KitchenAid Pro Line linked by supercres and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's fantastic.
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I'm pretty fond of this this Oster model for lovely, thick waffles.
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We have the same Waring Pro that belladonna linked and we love it.
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i don't know if it's still available, but macy's used to stock a waffle maker known as the "five of hearts", because it made, wait for it...five heart-shaped waffles.
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I am here to inform you that The World Famous's recommendation is the right one. My father (the Waffle King) has owned probably a half-dozen of that model - if not more - and frequently runs two at a time during his renowned waffle breakfasts. As the heir to the waffle kingdom I have one of my own and it is indeed the best waffle maker. Period.

Belgian waffles are abominations; walk the Square Path to enlightenment.
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Nthing the Black and Decker. It makes perfect waffles. And it's not expensive. I've bought them as gifts and everyone loves them.

Komara is right: the Belgian ones just ain't right.

Whip your egg whites separately.
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I have the same Cuisinart that brainmouse has and have been using it most days for the past year or so with absolutely no problems. No bells and whistles: it just works simply and well.

I previously had the Black & Decker chrome 3-in-1 Waffle Maker and Indoor Griddle that The World Famous likes. It's fine, and big, but I found it harder to use - the plates can come loose, and it doesn't open and close as easily as the Cuisinart.
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Also came in here to recommend a cast-iron Griswold; if you know what you're doing, teflon and thermostats are unnecessary.

Doesn't actually require a camp-fire, stove-top works fine.
You can find 'em on eBay.
And use the sourdough recipe, starting the night before.
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We love the same Cuisinart one that brainmouse linked to above. It's been just great.
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Texsport makes a knock-off of the Griswold cast-iron waffle iron which can be had for around $30 or $40, if the actual Griswolds on ebay are too expensive. There are apparently some quality control issues with the Texsport casting, but the one we have works just fine -- the very first waffle I made with ours stuck a little, but every one after that has released even more cleanly than from the "non-stick" electric countertop model I had before. Unless I somehow manage to break it, it will last forever. I like that in an appliance.
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