How do I get chrome to stop reloading pages on iPhone 4?
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I browse the web on my iPhone using Chrome, following discussions here and elsewhere. What drives me absolutely bonkers though is that every time I switch to something else or another app, when I come back to the page on Chrome I see exactly where I was on the page for about one second, and then Chrome will reload fresh copy of the page scrolled to the top, thus losing my place in the discussion. Is there any fix for this or any alternative I can use that doesn't have this issue?
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FYI it's not just the 4, my 5s does this, and I've wondered this myself.
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buying a new phone.

there isn't enough ram. it saves a screenshot of the page so it can show you something while it pulls the page back from memory(all iphone apps do this for the most part) then when it tries to load the actual data it goes "oh lol that wasn't in ram" and reloads the page.

this is one of the chief complaints people still using iphone 4/4s' have.

my iphone 5 never does this, although for what it's worth on preview someone said their 5s does? does it do it in safari?
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Dumb workaround: clicking down the page at various intervals (eg on the timestamp on Metafilter comments) so that you at least aren't booted back all the way to the top.
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My 5s does this in Safari and Chrome, especially if I've used more than one app afterwards. It's nowhere near as bad as it was on the 4 though. I still notice it on the (original) iPad, any switch away immediately triggers a refresh upon a switch back, but that iPad is notoriously under equipped with RAM.
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This is iOS system behaviour. An app dumps its state if it receives a low memory warning from the OS, and many iDevices are in a chronic state of low memory. That it doesn't match the behaviour programmed into us by decades of perfectly functional multitasking can be seen as bad design.
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Yeah, this is a phone memory/iOS issue. I used to experience it with my 4S in mobile Safari all. the. time. and after I upgraded to a 5S the issue has almost entirely gone away.
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I use Mercury on my iPhones. It never scrolls to the top - it stays in place.
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