Can I get 1 month of short term health insurance for May in NY state?
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I need health insurance ONLY for the month of May. But the new health exchange market place in New York state only allows me to sign up now for June 1 and beyond.

My previous employer was providing me health insurance, but because they changed their plan my coverage there will end as of April 30. My new insurance at my new employer won't take effect until June 1, leaving me without any health insurance for a month.

Other providers require a mailed form, and say that the coverage will take effect "on the first of the month following processing of your form." I don't think there will time that way.

Even though my qualifying event (loss of previous insurance coverage) just happened 3 days ago, the NY state marketplace won't let me sign up for healthcare insurance until June 1. I have been through support calls and the appeals process and it seems to be a dead end.

I already have insurance lined up through my new employer for June 1. They will not start me early, and my old employer cannot keep me after they switch plans, since I'm not an employee there anymore.

COBRA does not apply in this situation due to the small business exemption.
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Its frustrating that the state marketplace seems to be a dead end, because that should be the answer here.

Independent (non-ACA marketplace) insurance plans do offer short term coverage. You can contact an independent insurance broker and see what your options in NY are. Alumni groups, banks, professional associations also often have group insurance plans for short term. You can expect this to be very limited and/or very expensive.

So your last option would be going without. Not that it's a great option, but you won't face any federal fee if you are without insurance for under 3 months in a given year. Do you have any anticipated health care costs in the month of May? (Of course no one anticipates breaking a leg or having a heart attack.)
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Have you called a navigator to see if they can help you with this?
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You can usually get emergency "bridge" type insurance through like Blue Cross. You could call them directly or contact a broker. It's usually high-deductible but works in a pinch. There used to be a lifetime limit - not sure if this has changed because of the ACA.
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Fontophilic--I am trying to find one of those brokers that handle individuals, not having any luck.

Ruthless Bunny - I tried two navigators so far--they were bound to working within the marketplace which didn't help me

Lutoslawski -- I've called Blue Cross and they would be willing to do it--but they can now only sell insurance through the marketplace, and it is restricting the date on which I can sign up for it. You can't just buy direct from Blue Cross anymore, at least not in NY State.
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I don't know that you'll be able to find anything that would take effect May 1 (I think the underwriting process takes at least a few business days). However, I'd look into a hospital indemnity plan as those tend to have fewer sign-up restrictions than proper medical insurance. This would at least cover the appendicitis-and-hit-by-a-bus stuff.
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