My own little two-home wireless ISP
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I would like to connect two homes that are about 150m apart in order to share an internet connection. Unless convinced otherwise the cheapest solution is likely a point-to-point wireless link at 2.4ghz (using directional antennas and tomatousb/ddwrt). I have line of sight but there are some trees in the way: is this feasible? Bonus: will cheap 14 dbi panel antennas be good enough with the trees?
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Honestly, you may be better off just running Cat6 through a buried conduit. It's probably a wash cost-wise and way more reliable.
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Response by poster: the max distance for Cat 5e is 100m. Does Cat 6 run farther? There's no easy way to power repeaters so everything would have to be POE, which would make the whole project unaffordable.

Basically, the budget for this is really small.
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Check my profile about a point-to-point wireless system. I've had someone non-technical buy it and install it with no help from me and it's been running over 3 years now.

If that budget's too much, a couple of cantennas pointed at each other should do it, but I don't have any good plans to point your way.
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For $150 or so you can get two Ubiquti Nanostations or Nanobridges. They are purpose built for this sort of thing.

I don't know what impact "some" trees will have, and the best way to find out is to try.
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A couple of cantennas will work nicely as a wireless bridge, but never as good as a wire unfortunately.
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Yeah, i think the definition of "some trees" is key. If you mean "it's a largely open field with a few trees here and there" you're probably ok with one of the wireless solutions above. If you mean "woods", well, you may be better off with a hard line. You shouldn't have too much trouble at 150m assuming that there aren't any huge RF sources (power lines, microwave transmitters) nearby.
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I'd be concerned about ground differentials if running Cat6.

I like the Ubiquiti stuff that Good Brain talks about.

What deezil links to on his profile would work, but it's overkill.
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It would be more expensive than wireless, but a coax ethernet extender (check ebay too) would give you gigabit speeds over very long distances and would be more reliable and easier to setup at the same time.
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Best answer: I run exactly what you're looking to do from my house to four other locations, over several hops. Over the years, I have tried a *ton* of different hardware solutions (oh lord, the stainless steel cantennas with 50M of LMR400 cabling…shudder), and these units are far and away the best solution I've used.

If you want the stupidest, easiest setup for this, buy two of the Ubiquiti Loco M900 APs, configure and go. Simple. 900Mhz blasts through *everything* with no problems, especially over your short distance. They are rock-solid reliable, and have more than enough bandwidth for anything you're trying to do. We stream full-HD avi files across the network with no problems.

At $129 each they're a touch pricey, but you absolutely get what you pay for, and it will take you next to no time to get them up and running.
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Liquado has it right. You want Ubiquiti gear deaigned to do point to point links. Using standard consumer gear is a recipe for fiddling and annoyance.
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