Is Alaska Career College's massage program any good?
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My friend in Anchorage wants to turn a knack for massage into a career. She's thinking about doing either the 8-month program or the 13-month program at the school of massage at Alaska Career College. The best program for her is relatively inexpensive, comprehensive and well-taught, and at a school with a functional and reasonably efficient administration. Is Alaska Career College that school?

Would she basically be able to go into business immediately upon graduation/license attainment?

If she wanted to work at the same time, would the shorter or longer program be a better bet? What is the actual schedule of both programs like?

She'd love to hear from people who actually did the program or who have experience working with massage graduates from this school. If you have a better idea for a massage school, please let us know.
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I rexommend contacting the Alaska chapter of AMTA & asking them.
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