Someone send that lady a hotdog!
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A relative recently had a bran-new baby; she has been missing and craving hot dogs and good beer, so that is what I want to send to her home. But it's turning out to be hard to find!

I am located in Chicago, she is in the south burbs. My automatic thought was Portillo's, but their only option for delivery is basically a box of raw groceries with detailed cooking instructions (seriously...they don't even send you a washed tomato...). As she's recovering from a c-section and also has a toddler, this seems the opposite of helpful.

So does anyone know of a company, companies, or restaurant that will deliver tasty, PREPARED hot dogs to the south suburbs of Chicago? (Or sell a gift card that she could then redeem in tasty delivered hot dogs?) Neither of us has a car at the moment, so delivery is mandatory.

rats. now I, too, would like a hot dog...
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Seems like GrubHub might be helpful for locating a nearby hot dog stand that delivers. Without knowing which south suburb we're talking about, it's hard to say where to recommend.
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I went ahead and did a Foodler search for places that deliver that also have hot dogs.
Also try Eat24.
Not a specific answer, but it is hard to find a place without knowing the address. GrubHub and Eat24 will let you do that on your own.
posted by alon at 3:18 PM on April 28, 2014 offers personal assistant services. Maybe you could just pay someone to pick up food and deliver it?
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TaskRabbit has a restaurant delivery section....
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Response by poster: Sorry--I suppose I can elaborate on the location more than that. Didn't mean to be unhelpfully elliptical!

-They're in Westmont.
-I did previously run a grubhub search for their address, but there is only one GH restaurant that delivers to them (pizza).

Thanks for the Eat24 rec! Looks like there is a not-great, but maybe acceptable, option there.
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Westmont is really a western suburb and opens up quite a few options. That part of Dupage is a sea of carryout and delivery places.

Westmont is a fairly long area north to south, so a little more specificity as to an intersection would help. Also, given that Westmont is only 2.5 miles at its widest point, all those towns surrounding it are in play, depending on your friend's location.
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then order from any place that has awesome stuff that you like.
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I send my brother a shipment from Ben's Chili Bowl every year for his birthday.
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