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I want to take my girlfriend out for a day of horseback riding. I've never done it. She's ridden a horse once or twice as a child and that's it. We live in Toronto and it's going to be a day trip so no more than an hour and a half or so of driving in either direction. Can anyone suggest a farm or stable or whatever it's called where we can do this?

I assume we'll be paying for lessons that day, because why would anyone trust us to be alone with their beloved animals? I'm down for a couples lesson or a group lesson, maybe followed by a supervised trot through nature? I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting into here except that I want to do something nice for my special lady-friend. I suppose I'm willing to pay up to $500 for the two of us that day? I hope that will cover it! Thanks.
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A whole day or an hour or so? If you are novice riders, a whole day may leave you very, very sore. I'd strongly advise guided trail rides to start, then, if you like, try lessons close to home.

1) Trail rides: Try going to some place that will mix up opportunities for horseback riding with other fun activities. The Niagara region is at the edge of your perimeter, but if you like winery tours, good restaurants and hiking, you can combine any or all of these with riding. This stable offers a variety of options that are pretty cheap. They offer group rides and private / couple rides. You will probably spend the bulk of your $500 doing other things in the area. You can make a day of it and get a couple of rides in different areas at different times of day, or stay overnight in a nice B&B or decent hotel and ride more the next day.

2) The only place offering riding lessons within city limits is Sunnybrook, but I think they only offer packages. If you drive, you may find more options in the 905. I used to take lessons at Foxhunter in Stouffville, and they let me purchase lessons one at a time. If they don't still allow it, some other place probably will. OTOH, if you both loved trail riding, maybe this is something you want to learn together and a package is what you need.

Have fun!
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Although I haven't been to this place in a few years, a few friends went in the fall and they said it was great as always: Claireville Ranch. It's out in Brampton so you can get there in less than 90 minutes and doing a 3-hour ride will cost you $65 per person, so you'll be under budget. You don't need much in the way of lessons on the trail rides because you have a guide with you at the front should anything go amiss. They will give you basic instructions when you mount the horse though.

Have fun!
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Response by poster: Doesn't have to be a whole day, 1.5-3 hours would be plenty I think. We'll probably be renting a car for the day to get to and from. Very helpful advice so far, and more promising than what turned up with Google.
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In my country, if you are a novice they make you ride round and round in a circle in the arena for your first lesson. So no outings yet.
Definitely ask them before you book.
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