Song finding: "The living room"
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Find this song/artist? Male solo guitar singer-songwriter, NYC downtown type. His first record would have come out near 1996 or 97 on a tiny label. The opening track was called "The Living Room" and was about the club in NYC. The chorus was "Why do they call it the Living Room, when it's got no life like a ..." (memory fades.) That's all I've got. Who was it?
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Google says it's Oren Bloedow. The album is reviewed here (scroll down).

Excerpt: "Living Room" asks a rather jejune question ("Why do they call it the living room/When there's no more life than a frieze on a tomb?") and spins out an appalling child's-eye view of subtly inflicted domestic terror.
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Yes! Wow, thank you for finding it, that / in the lyrics ensured that google wouldn't for me :)
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