Any mefites in Ballarat?
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Contemplating a move in the next couple of years to Ballarat, Vic, and wondering what it is like to live there.

Bonus points if you tick one of the following boxes
- previously lived in inner Melbourne
- have a baby or small children, as we do
- work in education.

Thanks :)
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Heya, I just moved here last September. I moved here from Brunswick in Melbourne so definitely tick your first box.

I don't have children, nor work in education so can't really help you out there...

I love Ballarat. Well, I love aspects. One thing I definitely prefer though is my lifestyle here - far. less. stress. This is due to the decreased cost of rent and less traffic. I have found that things like food and coffee are more expensive here though, but other stuff like a trip to the hairdressers ($300 in melbourne) is only $40 here.

It is super cold here though. Generally 4 degrees cooler than Melbourne in Winter, and mornings are already creeping down to 2 degrees. It has beautiful scenery, an awesome lake, lots of bushwalking, cycling... lots of outdoorsy type clubs - stuff I just couldnt be bothered accessing in busy Melbourne.

The other thing about Ballarat is its social extremes - you have "high society" as well as a lot of welfare. There are areas in Ballarat you just have to avoid, but not in the city centre, more like Wendouree, Sebastopol... I live in Ballarat East and its a lovely area.

Dont know what else to tell you but if you have more direct questions feel free to MeMail me.
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