Carpet spider on the go.
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What I've got here is a crappy picture of a spider. What I don't got here, is any idea of what kind of spider it is. Usually, I can figure this kind of thing out with internet a-googling/BugGuide-ing/etc, but I'm failing this time.

This spider was dancing across our carpet earlier, here in Durham, NC. It was pretty small. I'm not great at guessing sizes, but I'd say it had a legspan of an inch or less.

I apologize for the picture being so terrible. The spider is no longer with us, so I can't take another. (Not normally a spider killer by any means. But I am a New Parent, and I also have stupid cats to protect. So I erred on the side of smoosh.)

Anyone know what this spider-thingy is?
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Looks like a male Steatoda.
posted by sanka at 5:22 PM on April 27, 2014

I'm in Durham, too. It looks like a Barn Funnel Weaver to me, but you can check out pics of Spiders of NC and see if you can find something else that fits better.
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Seconding probably a male Steatoda (aka false black widow). We have them here in CA too. They've actually been known to prey on real black widows.
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I'm going with the Steatoda answers, because this picture on BugGuide looks very close to what I saw with my eyes, not my dumb camera. He does also resemble a barn funnel weaver in that picture; I think that's also a function of dumb camera.

Once, I lived in a house with a garden full of black widows. We all got along, because I let them have the run of the garden, and they never came inside the house. Very pretty, very shy. But this guy gave me the willies because he was inside, and moved so much like a widow. That widow style of creeping around. But he didn't look like any male or female widow I'd ever seen.

Poor little dude. I won't smoosh his kind again. Thanks, everyone.
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