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Asking for a friend, because this movie (TV show?) sounds fascinating. He says he watched the last 10 minutes of it about 20 years ago. What he remembers of the ending is after the cut.

"There was some black tie party and a woman in a balcony said the champagne was poisoned and then shot the chain to the chandelier with a machine gun and it fell into the glasses of champagne. Also some people were on the roof trying to escape in a helicopter (I think the building was on fire) but the helicopter was so full of gold (stolen?) that it couldn't take off. One guy pushed out a woman to lighten it and she took off her necklace and managed to wrap it around part of the helicopter and hang on (possible helicopter crashed...can't remember)."
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Best answer: Possibly If Looks Could Kill IMDB.
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Best answer: It's "If Looks Could Kill", starring Richard Grieko.

(This is one of my guilty pleasure movies, which I will get sucked into watching whenever it pops up on cable. It is wonderful and terrible and I adore it)
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Ugh, typos. Grieco. It doesn't look like it's up on Netflix for streaming or disc rental, though the DVD is for sale on Amazon.

For your friend - the people trying to escape via helicopter are the bad guys, the poisoned champagne and the gold has to do with the Bond-villain-style-world-domination plot. And the woman with the crazy necklace was the main henchperson/assassin, played by Linda Hunt.
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