80s Music Videos with Communist References?
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I'm trying to compile a list of music videos from the 80s (early 90s is fine too) that reference communism, with, for example, use of hammer and sickle imagery, or the like. The more the direct the reference the better. Bonus points for synth-pop.

Examples include Bronski Beat's Beat Boy, Ultravox's White China, and Indochine's Les Tzars.
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Pet Shop Boys, Go West
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Sting, Russians
It's not strong on the imagery though; the message mostly comes through the lyrics.
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Killing Joke -Eighties
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Anything by the Leningrad Cowboys
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Land of Confusion.
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Scorpions - Wind of Change, literally about the fall of the USSR
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Eddy Huntington- U.S.S.R.

WARNING! The song is an earworm, the video manic and inane. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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Donald Fagen - New Frontier
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Nikita, by Elton John (although I've always wondered why the video is set in East Berlin, since the eponymous heroine is Russian).
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Shona Laing - Soviet Snow
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China Girl by David Bowie has some communist imagery (such as the title character running around with a red flag).

Please clarify if things like Sting's Russians, which fuse theorem mentioned above, are acceptable or not (in that while the song has references to communism and/or communists, the actual video doesn't really have any communist imagery, at least not explicit imagery).
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"Bang" - Gorky Park. (The band was actually from the former USSR!)
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Flunkie - I would prefer videos with communist imagery.
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Ronnie Talk to Russia — Sheree

Hammer and sickle at 0:59, 1:41, etc.
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This is a sort of weird mash-up of fan-vid and actual video , but you might find it interesting - Cui Jian performing A Piece of Red Cloth, which was actually one of the big musical artifacts of the Tiananmen protests in 1989.

It's not my favorite recording or even my favorite older Cui Jian song, but he is so talented and such a good guy, in my opinion, and he really had some skin in the game at the time.
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Lawyers in Love, by Jackson Browne, just after the 3:00 mark has some, then continuing to the end of the video with lawyers marching in Red Square, or something. Billy Joel's video for Leningrad has a lot of film footage interspersed with him playing the piano and singing.
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Not sure if a picture of a communist counts, but if so Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire includes the iconic photo of the summary execution of Nguyễn Văn Lém.
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Also not sure if this counts, but Say You, Say Me by Lionel Richie includes Soviet police and/or military.
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I'm not 100% sure (due to the quality of the video), but I'm pretty sure that in David Lee Roth's cover of California Girls, during the part where he discusses northern girls, he's wearing a red star cap.
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C.C.C.P. - American Soviets

Now I need to find that old box of cassettes.
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Cult of Personality by Living Colour features a shot of Stalin in uniform.
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1995, but Sarah Brightman - "How Can Heaven Love Me".
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"Crazy Train", by Ozzy Osbourne. The song makes reference to the Cold War and to "millions of people living as foes".
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I'm amazed that nobody has posted "Right Here, Right Now," by Jesus Jones.
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Sisters of Mercy - Mother Russia
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