Hungarian story about eating plum dumplings
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A friend has asked me if I can recall a story by a Hungarian - he thinks Georges Mikes - about a man who tries to eat 100 plum dumplings (szilvás gombóc in Hungarian) but dies when eating the 99th. He read this story some time before 1975 when he first tried this wonderful dish. Our collective googling and knowledge of Hungarian humorists has drawn a blank. Anyone out there recognize this story?
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There is a book by Austrian Friedrich Torberg called "Die Tante Jolesch oder 'Der Untergang des Abendlandes in Anekdoten'", in which said Aunt Jolesch seems to be famous for plum dumplings. It has been released in 1975 as a collection of humoristic anecdotes.

Although, I don't know if the story is part of the book and I wasn't able to find good english soruces for the book.
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