Need Socks for Winter Nights
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Keeping feet warm at night during the winter: any recommendations for comfy, super warm socks that don't restrict blood flow while you sleep? Bonus points if they have a separation between the toe and the rest of the little piggies
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Must it be socks? A hot water bottle might be just the thing.
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Can't you just roll your blanket so that it's both under and over your feet?
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My mother once bought me a pair of cashmere socks that I loved beyond reason. Kept my feet very warm, without that "I'm being strangled from the tips of my toes up" feeling that wool can give me. I used to wear them to bed during Boston winters.
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They might be too warm for sleeping, but Smartwool will keep your feet very toasty.
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You can get fleece socks.
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You want Japanese-style socks with the thong toe. Here are fleece ones:
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Smartypanties beat me to it!
Tabi socks is the name for these.
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Best answer: You want Japanese-style Tabi socks with the thong toe. Here are fleece ones:
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I always found the tabbys to be a bit irritating. These toe spreader things are great, and you can get them much cheaper at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade.
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Response by poster: These are all great suggestions -- thanks very much!
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Best answer: Chenille slipper-socks do the trick for me -- incredibly soft and warm, but not tight around the toes or ankles. I get them at Target for about $5 a pair in the women's sock/hosiery section. They tend to come in girly colors or cutesy holiday themes, which -- as a guy -- you might not like (heck, I don't like 'em, and I'm a girl), but I've also found them in basic solid colors like red or black. (They may actually have men's versions with the men's socks -- I've just never checked.)
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Someone's grandma sent a box full of knitted wool booties to my platoon in Iraq two years ago. Much less constrictive than any socks I've ever worn, and much warmer, too. My pair has now seen two deployments. :) I have no idea who might sell such a thing, but if you came across any, give them a try.
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Best answer: if you can find a pair made of alpaca fibers, buy them, no matter the cost. i had a pair last winter that i wore every evening until my new synthetic carpet wore holes in them. these things are soft beyond all measure and warm without making your feet feel like they are being strangled.

cashmere, as noted above, is also a good choice.
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If your feet are cold, you possibly need a night cap (a hat, not a drink, although that may help too).
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The ultimate solution is the foot duvet (link goes to the first example I could find, I'd shop around. It's basically a down sock. I use them sometimes in extreme mountaineering conditions.

As others have said, addressing the problem from another angle is often more effective. The problem is that the feet themselves do not emit much heat. So, by wearing a garment on your feet, you are actually insulating them from the warmth generated by your torso. If you can insulate your entire body with quality bedding/sleeping bag, then going barefoot will allow the heat of your torso to warm your feet most efficiently. A head start with a bottle of warmed water or a heating pad is a nice luxury.

For a similar reason I would avoid the split toe if warmth is your primary goal. While the foot does not emit much heat you are still better off pooling the heat between the toes than isolating each one.
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Those little heat therapy pillows filled with buckwheat that you heat up in the microwave are good for winter bed warming. In addition, they attract your pets to the area, which provides continued warmth throughout the night.
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Mountain Equipment Co-Op's "Wigwam" socks are what get me through the winter. I own multiple pairs. I think they're made of Merino wool...?
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I used to have an electric mattress pad.
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Angora socks kick ass. My girlfriend knitted mine. I knit too, and I can tell you that it's not that hard.
Seriously, hand knit socks are the best socks you can get. I firmly believe any geek can knit socks, and I'm amazed non-geeks can do it too. You can even knit ones with toes, if you want.
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