Good French-English Dictionary Offline App for Android w/ Speech ?
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Looking for a good French-English Dictionary Offline app for Android w/ Speech, as well as a program that does the same thing I can install on my laptop


I'm about to begin learning French, and am wondering if anyone can recommend the following:

—An excellent English/French Dictionary App for Android that reads words aloud and is completely Offline (speech function offline as well)

—An excellent program that does the same thing I can install on my laptop (Macbook Pro). If no such English-French program exists, then just a French dictionary with spoken word.

Male voice is a bonus. (I'm male, and find it easier to imitate a male rather than female voice.)
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If you find a decent android app, you can probably run it on your laptop with bluestacks.
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The Collins-Robert program for a Mac is absolutely top-notch. The voice varies between male and female. Can't help you on the android app since I use iOS.
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I'm about two months ahead of you and have found "The French English Dictionary +" from to be good. It's offline with a large word base, has decent audio pronunciation, comprehensive verb conjugations, and some basic phrases.

Oh, I just discovered it's got a pretty good translator too! "Give me five dollars" came out as "Donnez-moi cinq dollars" and you can press the audio icon to hear it too.
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...Female voice though. Doesn't look like you can change it to male. Having said that, I'm male and find this voice just fine. It's low, clear and precise. Helps me remember, for example, that se in French is pronounced "suh" and not "say" as in Spanish.

It has an option to get translations from or any other URL but I like the offline function so haven't tried that yet.
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