Looking for a photographer of playful animals
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My fiance found an adorable photo that we wanted to use on our (surprise) save the date cards...but the photographer has been very difficult to work with (wants his "inspirational saying" as well as his digital business card on the front of our save the date cards, etc.). My fiance is disappointed, loves the lazy, playful and sleepy two-some. Anyone have any other suggestions of photos or photographers (ideally on etsy) that take playful pictures of animals we could buy cards from?
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I'd look into licensing royalty free images from a stock agency like iStockphoto or others. You'll likely find a similar image and have no hassles of dealing with the demands of photographers.
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You could also do a Flickr Creative Commons search. Here's one pic of snuggling lionesses with an Attribution-NonCommercial license, which would allow you to use it on something like a save-the-date card as long as the photogrpaher is credited somewhere.
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There are lots of cute photos of otters holding hands while they sleep, because this is apparently an otter thing to do. A google search will get you plenty of options. Here's one example, which is free to use with attribution.
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MorgueFile is another place to look for free images.
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Istockphoto? Maybe something like this one of lions cuddling?
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This photo of a lion couple is rather wonderful (click for larger pic). If you like it you might try contacting the photographer about terms.
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Dreamstime has images of lions, including nuzzling lions. Using this one as an example, an extra large print-resolution image would be under $20.
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Also note that once licensed, no attribution is required and you can do as you like with a stock image: greyscale, sepia tone, cropping, etc.
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If the photo you linked to is not of enough resolution to use for your cards, I would just order the print for sale in his etsy store, (though under another name and address) and have it professionally scanned in to a hi-res file which you can use. It's doubtful that your photo would be greater than the 8 x 12 print that this print is sold in.

This isn't a commercial venture, you're not going to profit from this, and furthermore it's going out in a non electronic format to a specific set of people on your invite list. I wouldn't have any qualms about just using his artwork without permission under these circumstances, and in fact, I used snatched photos and some custom borders off the web that I included in my own invitations.
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