Recommend me degenerate lo-fi noise/"metal" like early Monster Magnet
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I've always loved the first two Monster Magnet singles. Murder, Tractor, Freak Shop USA, Lizard Johnny. I'm looking for some jams that rival the dosed basement psychosis of the really early MM. All that comes to mind is Skullflower, which is really more improv than metal, and High Rise, but neither completely scratches the itch. Hip me to the filthiest of dirtbag low fidelity metallic TKOs of any era - stuff that makes Jesus Lizard and Pissed Jeans look like Bon Jovi!
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You might enjoy Moistboyz (featuring Dean Ween.)
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Om and the band that spawned Om, Sleep.
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Also Karp.
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Have you listened to the Queens of the Stone Age's early stuff?
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Helios Creed
Today is the Day
The Dwarves (nsfw)
The Butthole Surfers
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Darkthrone (and other Norwegian black metal bands)
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(REO) Speedealer
The Quadrajets
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Pussy Galore

Rudimentary Peni
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And how about what they're all ripping off:

Early Motorhead/Hawkwind and pre-metal acid punk like the Electric Eels, Death, Pink Fairies, The Deviants, Rocket from the Tombs, not to mention the Stooges & Sabbath obviously.
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Thanks! I'll dig into the recommendations.

I grew up with with 1980s noise and I'll spin some of my Amphetamine Reptile singles, Album: Generic Flipper, Dial M for Motherfucker, etc.. Unsane's "Vandal-X" hits the bullseye for this brand of garbage rock, as does The Afflicted Man's Get Stoned Ezy.
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