Show and accept edits in WordPress posts?
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So I've Googled and checked out the WordPress support forums about this, but I'm not finding what I want. Is there any plugin that allows WordPress to have a function like Track Changes in Word? I'm talking about within a post -- so if I made edits (punctuation, changing words, whatever) in a certain post, someone else could see them and also accept or reject them. Just viewing the "Revisions" in WP isn't cutting it.
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Revisionary or Edit Flow should do what you need.
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Thanks! Edit Flow looks like it offers more features than Revisionary but I can't find a mention anywhere of a track-changes-like feature in Edit Flow. That seems to be the main purpose of Revisionary. Hmm.
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Ah, sorry, I was thinking of the ICE plugin, partly developed by the NYT. AFAIK, it works well with Edit Flow.

Other possibly interesting avenues: Post Forking, this wordpress.stackexchange question
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