iOS app to replace Moves now it's owned by Facebook
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I really like Moves but it's just been sold to Facebook. Because of this I would like to replace Moves.

What I like about moves
automatic tracking of activity, nice graphical representation of activity and locations during the day, quick activity tracking and comparison (steps per day / week / month) and self competition (best day per month etc), ability to export data

What I don't care about
sharing my information on social media

What I definitely don't want
advertising or an ad supported model. I don't mind paying a reasonable amount (up to £5 a month) for this.

What other things I've looked at
Pedometer++ - nice simple step counting app with nice graphics but no location tracking and reporting
OpenPaths - I've had an open paths account for a couple of years - good location data, with good privacy controls but no activity tracking
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What about an activity tracker like Jawbone UP or Fitbit Flex? (Fitbit also makes non-band trackers that clip to your clothing or slip in a pocket.)

I have one of each. You pay for the device, but the app is free. Zero ads. Neither has location tracking, though. (Fitbit has a web dashboard & a dongle for syncing with a computer; Jawbone is mobile/tablet only.)
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I love my Jawbone UP. I barely notice it when it's on. I have the UP24 which does wireless tracking and have noticed that I choose longer walking routes more often just to increase my step count.
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In the Pedometer category I like iSmoothRun, which is basically a GPS tracker for Runkeeper that also has a pedometer function to correct location errors. However it's an explicit "enable when I'm walking" sort of app, doesn't do the passive background tracking 24 hours a day. You can set up Runkeeper to be private.
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MotionX makes an app called 24/7 that tracks steps automatically in the background (and does some other stuff, too).
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Runkeeper has recently launched a new app called Breeze that looks like it may be useful. It only works with an iPhone 5s at the moment.
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Breeze is nearly everything I want. Independent, automatic, nicely graphical. It doesn't do export (yet) which is a long term issue and I can't see a business model - which makes me suspicious.
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The regular Runkeeper has a Pro version that costs $40/year so it's not a company that is totally dependent on getting bought by a big company. Still, I think even with companies with a great business model and paid options there's never any guarantee that they will not be bought by the big companies (see Flickr->Yahoo etc.)
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