One-night rental cabin in NorCal on very short notice?
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I have family visiting and the idea came up of renting a cabin/cottage/etc. for one night in some pleasant natural spot in northern California, in or near woods and ideally near running water, where we could do a little light hiking and generally chill out. This would have to be tomorrow night (Friday 4/25). We should have planned this a long time ago, but my family doesn't do that. Where should I be looking, both in terms of possible regions and specific websites? Some specs: ideally no more than about 2 hours drive from San Francisco; four people; want seclusion, i.e. not a B&B or the like; willing to pay up to about $400 for the night.
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I would look at the Russian River area of Sonoma county.
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Sea Ranch is a little more than 2 hours away, but might be what you're looking for.
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Guerneville, Jenner. 2hrs without Friday traffic.
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the sea ranch is what i was thinking of before i read the answers, and they have an office that can handle this on short notice.
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Looks like Sea Ranch only does two-night stays on the weekends :( Looks really nice, though.
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Try VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnB, and TripAdvisor (vacation rental search). Most house/cabin/cottage rentals are going to have a two-night minimum, but you might find a place that's in your budget for 2 nights and just leave early.
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I love St. Orres up in Gualala (a little past Sea Ranch) and have been able to get a little place pretty late-notice before (albeit earlier in the year, but worth checking out).
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Big Basin Tent Cabins might be a little more rustic than you want, but it ticks the nature/hiking boxes. They have packages where they set everything up for you. I don't know about short-notice availability; you'd have to check.
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Big Basin is one of the many great California State Parks. Scroll down to the bottom of their Camping Information page to see those with cabins. However, you're probably out of luck, since unlike your family, most people staying there do plan ahead, way ahead, and there's long waiting lists -- but they may be shorter this time of year.
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Seconding the Russian River. You can book a house or cabin here, I've gone through them a few times, they're great!
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