Will my returns hurt my former Nordstrom shopper?
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I have some items to return to Nordstrom. My personal Nordstrom shopper quit a few weeks ago. I don't want to return the things if it means she's somehow on the hook for the return.

These are items she found for me, so she would definitely be getting a commission on them otherwise. But if commissions for returns are docked from the next paycheck (which Google suggests), and she has received her final paycheck, can I return the items without worrying about Nordstrom going after her?
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If she's no longer employed and has received her final paycheck, they will not reverse the commission. If she's still waiting on her last paycheck, they likely will, although it all comes down to timing.
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I was thinking, just wait until the end of the return period to return the items so her relationship with the store would be over by then.
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I don't think Nordstrom has a return time limit. I've returned items almost a year later. Just wait a month or so.
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I've worked at Nordstrom and while I know that they would reverse the commission for someone who works there, I don't know what they would do for someone who no longer works there. Maybe you could ask a current employee or manager at the store to be sure? Nordstrom does not have a limit on returns (unless its changed since I worked there) so you could just wait awhile to do the return.
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