Premiere Pro CC: How to set max audio level to prevent peaking/redlining
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Need help figuring out a way to eliminate audio redlining in Premiere Pro CC without also compromising audio lows.

Asking for a friend:

I am working on a project (classroom lecture at a university) in which the original audio was lowish quality (camera mic) and included a disruptive fan noise that I then had to remove using noise reduction filter in Premiere Pro CC. After using the filter, I then had to amplify using adjust gain to hear the speaker at an appropriate volume. Even still, the audio peaks every so often when either the lecturer raises his voice or raises the volume of videos he's showing to the audience to the level that it is uncomfortable to the ear for a second or two.

I can't lower the overall level of volume for fear of losing the speaker, but am wondering if there is a way to add a blanket filter that reduces the audio peaking so that it doesn't redline/crack without also shifting the lows into inaudibility.

Basically, I can't blanket lower the volume because lows will be too low, but I want to keep the sound from occasionally (but too frequently) redlining. Can't figure out the search terms to figure this out myself and I'm new to Premiere Pro.
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You’re looking for an audio compressor.
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Best answer: Yes, you need to use dynamic range compression instead of straight up amplification. This might help?
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Response by poster: Thanks destructive cactus!
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