Help me (re)find my ideal my ideal women's wallet!
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I lost my wallet last weekend in a flu-ridden daze. Now that I can get out of bed again, I need to find a new small, stylish, and hopefully quickly-available replacement.

Here's what made it perfect:
  • Small enough to easily fit in coat/jacket pocket (and sometimes the back pocket of my jeans).
  • Had room for 10 cards, as well as a clear ID slot
  • Snaps closed
  • Exterior slot pocket for my metro card so I could access it without opening the wallet
  • No metal adornment on the outside
  • No zippers of any kind
I've found small french wallets that are the right size, but they all seem to have zippered coin pockets. I'd like a fun color, but will consider men's wallets as well. Willing to pay enough for something well-made, but given the frequency in which it will wind up in my babies' mouths, we're not in "more than my first car payment" territory. Thanks!
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Maybe My Walit. The one I have is small enough for a pocket but does not have the clear ID slot. Some of their other wallets have that though. Fun colors: check!
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This Tusk wallet is pretty close to your requirements. It's available via prime. More views on the Tusk website.
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I too was really bad about losing my wallet until I got this Men's Slim Card Case from Fossil. It meets all of your requirements except that it only holds about 5 cards at the most, plus a little cash. For me this is a feature and not a bug; having something slim I can fit in a tiny women's clothing pocket has been great for not losing anything. I had been in the habit of taking out one or two cards out of my huge wallet to run errands and stuff and then forgetting to put them back. This wallet doesn't let you do that. But you do have to think about which cards you are realistically going to need every day.
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Bellroy wallets?
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You might want to look at business card holders as well. I have one that I use a wallet that is very close to your list (no snap though).
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