What does Slash's hair smell like?
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Has it ever been discussed anywhere online what Slash's hair might smell like? I can't find anything.
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Best answer: So, I used to go to this hair salon, which has done Slash's hair before. You could conceivably call and ask about what sorts of hair products they used.

("Like whatever hair products he uses" is likely to be your answer, unless he smokes, in which case the answer will be "like smoker hair." It's not gonna be that outlandish a smell just because it's long.)
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According to Wikipedia, Slash quit smoking in 2009, following his mother's death from lung cancer, so his hair likely doesn't smell like smoker hair anymore.
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Hmm. I was gonna say, "smoker's hair and sweaty hat," but my knowledge does come from pre-2009.

The music editor at Hustler was pretty cool, and always tried to ask at least one question the interviewee hadn't been asked before, and he asked Slash what his hat smelled like. Both his hair and his hat smelled like cigarettes and sweaty hat.
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I know Krist Novoselic's barber. I'll ask if he knows or can find out anything. Maybe there's a maillist for barbers of former rock stars.
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