What is this game and where can I get hold of it??
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What is this game and where can I get hold of it??

About eleven years ago my schoolteacher let us all spend an afternoon playing a picture game (I would've been 10), which consisted of 26 pictures, one for each letter of the alphabet. And with each picture there were hundreds of detailed objects - the pictures were usually of a room, or a scene, filled with random and various things. And for example, for picture 'A', it would be filled with objects and stuff, all beginning with 'A'. The game was basically to list as many as you could, for each picture.
Yeah, sounds kind of boring, doesn't it. But that was basically it. Thing was, you would pretty much never complete every letter because there were just so many things in each picture - some of which you wouldn't even notice unless you looked at the picture for an hour because they were tiny or well-disguised.

I know it's a long shot but does ANYONE know what this game (is it even a game??) is called, and where I can get hold of one? I will internet-marry you or something, I swear.
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This sounds an awful lot like the Graeme Base book Animalia.
posted by Johnny Assay at 8:44 AM on October 25, 2005

Is this a book, trampesque? A box of large flashcard type things? Was it part of the I-Spy series?
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I also immediately of the Gaeme Base book Animalia. They're amazing detailed pictures and as a kid I spent hours and hours looking at that book.
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I remember having a "J" like this on my wall (J for Jozxyqk!) when I was a little kid. I thought it was just a series of drawings, not a book. But I don't remember anything about the origin or artist...
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Best answer: Maybe something by Mike Wilks? He produced the Ultimate Alaphabet Book which would meet your description... Here is a sample picture for the letter "a"...
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Response by poster: OH MY GOD that's it!!! Mave_80 thank you thank you thank you, you're awesome
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So when's the wedding?
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This was put into boardgame format as Scrutineyes.
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Sometime towards the end of this week.
You'll no doubt be able to watch it on FOX on the Metafilter Wedding Special screened right after the grand ninth season finale of the Bachelor...
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