Latest Version of "XCOM Enemy Unknown" Is Only Half the File Size
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I just updated "XCOM Enemy Unknown" for iPad. The previous version, 1.5, was 3.18 gb. The update, v. 1.6, is only 1.75 gb. That's a 45% reduction! Does this mean they've removed a chunk of the game, or compressed the graphics, or done other things which might make me want to bail out of this upgrade (and future ones)?
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Check the actual space it's using. The size listed in the App Store may be wrong:

See here
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Have you started playing it yet? Some games (PvZ2) have small "app sizes" but then download a shitload of "additional content" once you open them up for the first time.
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bgrebs: I'm stating the file size of the two app files in my Mobile Applications folder in iTunes.

Etrigan: it's possible, but 1.5gb of additional download?? I kinda doubt that.
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Quoting from the support link provided by bgrebs:

"iTunes lists the initial download size for XCOM: Enemy Unknown as 1.86 GB of required disk space. However, the true disk space requirement for this app is approximately 3.2 GB."

which seems to match what you're seeing.
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effbot, thanks, but again, I'm not reporting the iTunes stats, I'm reporting the actual file size of XCOM 1.5.0.ipa vs XCOM 1.6.0.ipa on my hard drive in itunes/mobile applications/

Also, that notice was posted when 1.5.0 was the current app. The weird file size downsizing happened later.
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Try running it. Depending on what kind of update it is, it will either merge changes into your existing 3.2GB 1.5.0 installation or it will decompress itself and inflate to full size.
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My understanding is that iOS devices don't write to ipa files.
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Response from the devs:

We are aware that the update for XCOM significantly decreased the filesize. Sometimes when a patch is released, it can consolidate unneeded files, making the application smaller and more efficient.

I'm not really understanding any better. For one thing, this wasn't a "patch", each ipa file represents the complete app. And a 45% file size change doesn't strike me as consolidation. But.....well......
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