The phantom joint pain strikes again...
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I strained my adductor muscle (groin) in March and rested like a mofo - no exercise at all for probably 10 weeks. The doctor said it looked like a localized injury and that some stiffness would be natural because the repaired muscle grows back a little longer (weird). I've been gradually ramping back up with slow exercise - yoga, dance, etc. - but today after a more strenuous workout I'm feeling a dull ache in my muscle after no pain at all for weeks. Argh. YANMD, but ye who have pulled groin muscles before, does this mean I have hurt myself again, or is some soreness here and there natural? Do you ever feel pain from past injuries? Should I go back to the doctor or just do some gentle stretches and watch it for a few days?

BTW I am generally pain-free but my body does tend to ache more at certain times of the month/sudden changes in humidity. I'm currently in a little more of the achy time of the month.
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Response by poster: Oh oops, I actually strained the muscle in Feb. So plenty of recovery time, and have been ramping up in the last 2-3 weeks.
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That's normal in my experience but it means you should stop ramping up for a while.
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Best answer: You should have a dedicated strengthening program for supporting muscle groups, specifically core abdominal, abductors, and glutes. Are you in physio? If not, consider going there.
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Best answer: I pulled an adductor about 3 years ago and it still gets sore if I exercise it strenuously without warming up thoroughly first.

I would recommend warming up and gently stretching it as often as you can for the next few weeks. If it ever gets painful (you should be able to tell the difference between achiness/soreness and pain), go see a physio. They are much more aware of how to treat such injuries than doctors.
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Nthing physiotherapy, this is exactly what it's for.
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