Best wordpress site/virtual gallery to display some of my photos?
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I want to put up a wordpress site for a virtual gallery of some of my photos. I'd really like to have something that looks clean & elegant enough to send out to potential clients/magazines. ie. Not so much something that signals, "family summer trip... woohoo" but really something that signals "artist-doing-arty-things." (What I am putting on this wordpress site will be a specific photo story though, and not all of my work-- ie. this site will have a really narrow focus). I've looked at woothemes, and really didn't see anything that had the look I am striving for. (It's that classic problem: I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it.") Can the hive mind point me to other places (like WooThemes) where I can find and buy beautiful wordpress themes (tight budget alert!) and/or specific themes-for-sale that would be great for an aspiring photographer with a story to tell. Thanks!
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I have recently had a good experience with, a new site designed specifically to help with exactly what you're looking for. Easy to create an account, simple interface, clean design.
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I'm sorry, I just realized you're asking specifically for a Wordpress site, not for something like a Wordpress site.
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StudioPress has some nice themes. I've been using them for several years & have been happy with theme quality & support.
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Loooooooots of themes over at
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I know you said you wanted to use Wordpress - BUT I wanted to at least suggest that you check out Koken - a sweet and easy CMS that may be just what you are looking for. (I don't work for them, but used it on a site about 6 months back and it ruled.)
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