My not-quite-crossfit class is changing its structure. Help me adjust
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So right now, my rock gym has a private fitness class six days a week, modeled on crossfit but not officially affiliated. MWFS it's a fairly standard CF class with slightly different movements. T-Th, it's a more mobility-focused class based around MoveNat. In a month, the T-Th classes will be eliminated, and extra mobility will be added to the now 90 minute MWFS classes.

Now, here's my issue. Currently I do all five weekday classes, plus rock climbing on my own on Saturday. I've been doing this for about three months now combined with a new eating lifestyle, and I'm seeing incredible results. I don't want that to stop. My plan for now was to do additional climbing on Tuesday and Thursday to keep up my regimen, but what do you guys think? I'll also have access to my apartment complex's gym which is reasonably well equipped (think hotel gym)
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If you manage to do everything from your previous 6 day workout and cram it into 4 days, do you think you might end up overtraining?

If you want to keep doing something on T/Th, I would suggest yoga or stretching or walking. Something to let your muscles rebuild.
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What is the problem with simply taking Tuesday and Thursday as rest days? It sounds like you'll be having the same total amount of workload during the week, and the additional rest days will allow you to perform even better at your fitness classes. If you really must do something then go for a walk, play in a sports league, do something fun and not overly taxing.
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On T/Th I'd either do a short strength-only session at the apartment gym, or establish a home mobility routine modeled after yoga or the Movnat you've been doing. I'd do one of those because a) learning to run your own workouts is a valuable skill, b) strength training is awesome and will continue to provide results, and c) I consider strength, mobility, and conditioning to be the major non-athletic elements of physicality, and it sounds like you're getting plenty of conditioning through the pseudo-crossfit classes.

Then again, if climbing is your jam then three days a week of climbing would sound great.
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