Books or websites on how Facebook has changed social research?
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For the first time ever, I've opened an account in Facebook and started using it. has to be the greatest social research tool ever! Attitudes and opinions can be gauged without the presence of a social / market researcher. Facebook must be changing the landscape of advertising / social research beyond recognition. Moreover, it must be a political electioneers / pollsters dream. No more contrived focus groups.... Can anybody recommend some books or websites the delve into this?
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This is a huge area. You might just start "reading around" a little to see if a particular element of the changes (for example, ethical or privacy issues) or type of application (for example, market research) is of most interest to you to narrow things down a bit. I'm most familiar with the academic literature in information science, but Facebook and its data is a topic of interest in many areas.

To get started, a friend of mine (a researcher at Facebook) just posted this today....on Facebook. ;)

How Facebook Uses UX Research To Personalize The Way We See Each Other
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You might like Facebook's official Data Science page. They regularly post notes and links about their work, including papers they've published, like this one on Predicting Crowd Behaviour with Big Public Data (pdf). Actually, it looks like they have a page with all their papers on, though I can't access it because I haven't got a Facebook account. They've also recently opensourced PlanOut, a framework for running opensource field experiments online, so that might be something else worth exploring.
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