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Bought a large bag of unsalted corn chips and didn't realize it until I got home. Store won't take them back without a receipt which I don't have. Do you have an easy method for adding salt to unsalted chips? I'm not talking about pouring salt over the chips.
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Liberally apply melted cheese.
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put the salt in the salsa.
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Use popcorn salt. It's very finely powdered so it will cling to the chips better than table salt.
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Try warming them in the oven and then sprinkling with salt. If they are fried, heating them will bring out a little of the oil, to which the salt will stick.
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I'd make a saline solution and put it in a misting bottle and spray it on very lightly then pop it in the oven to dry the chips out. Not that this strikes me as *easy*, but that's how I'd try to do it.

Alternately, I'd mist oil on the chips and then toss them with salt.

But really, the options for making nachos or using dip are likely to be a lot easier than salting the actual chips.
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I'm not talking about pouring salt over the chips

Why not? When I was a kid chips (crisps) were unsalted but came with a little blue paper twist of salt in the bag. Unwrapping it, sprinkling salt over the chips and shaking the bag vigorously for even coverage was half the fun.
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Maybe these are your chips for pouring chile over. Get new chips for other uses.
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These are the chips in question.
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I just put spray oil on them (Pam, something similar) and then toss them with salt. Altenrately you can use them for things like a crust for frito pie or with some salty cheese/meat for nachos and you will probably not notice.
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Chili Fritos? Tortilla soup? Make nachos and liberally salt the toppings?
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I would salt them the same way I salt popcorn that I make in the air-popper: Put them in a big paper bag, pour some fat (oil or butter) over them, sprinkle lots of salt in, and then vigorously shake the bag.
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Throw them away and buy new chips.
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If you whir your salt in your food processor until it's more powdery (granular salt is sucky at sticking to dry things) and throw the chips with that and a tablespoon or two of oil, then throw them in the oven for ten minutes, you may be able to come up with something approximately worth eating.

The other thing you could do is crunch them up like crazy with scallions and jalapenos and cilantro, and put them on top of chili.
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Dip them in sour cream and onion dip. The lipton packets are ideal for this. The dip is salty, and the chips balance it out!

It's the easiest thing, and won't suck. I promise.
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Sprinkle lime juice on them and then toss with salt.
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How to Make Salt Stick to Air Popped Popcorn
I suspect this will work for your doritos.
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I feel your pain, I did this a couple weeks ago. We just made the guac extra salty and it evened out.
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I would give them a saline spritz and then dry them in the oven.

If you happen to make chili anytime soon, crumble up a small handful and add them as a thickener. It's fine to use regular chips for this as long as you are managing how much salt you add elsewhere. here, it's no problem.

That said, if you want them to taste like proper doritos, how about this cool-ranch spices recipe? Or do you prefer Nacho Cheese? (scroll down for recipe)

The one down side of Taco Bell introducing their doritos-based tacos is that it has become impossible to search for a fake recipe for taco doritos, but then again, taco seasoning isn't exactly the formula for Coke.
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I like Sunburnt's first suggestion, but with a twist: put the closed bag into the freezer for an hour or so, then dump them onto a baking tray in a steamy kitchen for just a few minutes so that the barest film of water can condense on them, then blow a little salt across them and immediately pop them into a preheated oven to dry with the salt grains in place.
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