Name this kid's book!
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Trying to find an old childrens' book involving a princess who finds a baby dragon.

It's old...from the 50's or 60's, I would guess. The colors used were very limited; I seem to remember mostly greens and reds. The plot, as far as I remember, involves a little princess (the littlest out of her many, many sisters) finding a baby dragon and sneaking it home to the castle. She sneaks it food, and it starts to grow, and grow and grow. Finally it is so large its legs and tail are hanging out the castle windows. It turns out the dragon is preggers, and when the dragon babies are born (no word on how this dragon became pregnant living inside the castle) there is a baby dragon for each of the many princesses.

Any clue what this book is?
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Possibly this ?
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Response by poster: nice try, but that's not it. The drawings were simple line drawings for the most part. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to find one has ever seen this book that I've talked to. Thanks for trying, though.
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Might be worth asking at the Chicklit forums.
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