Dreamy alt-pop running albums?
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I am completely obsessed with the album Sweet Disarray by Dan Croll. It is an amazing outside-running album; rich, multilayered sound that is dreamy but not boring, upbeat enough to keep me going, but contemplative. (The link has clips from multiple tracks.) What similar albums do you recommend?

Another awesome thing about this album is that it's great from start to finish; I never skip a track. Bonus points if your suggestion meets this criterion, too.
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For what it's worth: I was listening to The Fresh & Onlys at random on Spotify when I clicked on your link, and it was not a harsh jump at all.
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I like this, I'll have to add to my playlist. You might be interested in some of the other albums on my current list, which I think flow nicely with this, which are Helado Negro's Invisible Life, Moss of Aura's Wading, and Washed Out's Paracosm.
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Tame Impala comes to mind, as does Wild Nothing.
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Two possible songs: Lord Knows by the Dum Dum girls, and The Truth by Dr. Dog. You might find some other songs you like from them, hopefully! Oh, and Myth by Beach House is dreamy and layered, but might be a little slow for running. Good buildup, though!
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I just listened to that album last night! What a gem. Off the top of my head, I'd say Youth Lagoon's Year of Hibernation, either of Passion Pit's two recent albums, maybe St. Lucia's When the Night. I can listen to all those albums start to finish. If you're specifically looking for music to run/exercise to, I really like Animal Collective's Merriwether Post Pavilion--actually, that album is great to run to, study to, drive to, you name it.
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It's less synthy, but Local Natives have exactly the qualities you're describing, both on their Hummingbird and Gorilla Manor albums. Absolutely amazing live band too.
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My go to albums for running are Goldfrapp's Black Cherry, Supernature and Seventh Tree. They are rhythmic, spacious and euphoric in places and weirdly great for outside pavement pounding.
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-m83 -Hurry up, we're dreaming
-Toro y Moi - Causers of This and Underneath the Pine
-Washed Out - Life of Leisure and Within and Without

For a great synth album without vocals, try Emeralds' Does It Look Like I'm Here
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I highly recommend a couple of albums by the band The Sea and Cake. The specific albums are Oui and One Bedroom. Very dreamy, layered, upbeat, and lush. A lot of the songs have BPMs that match well to a running pace.

Edited to add link to samples on Amazon
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This is going back a long time

R.E.M. album Reveal sample song The Lifting

Pure album Generation Six-Pack sample song Anna is a Speed Freak

Straightjacketfits album Blow sample song If I were you

And the gloriously underrated
Superfurryanimals album Guerrilla sample song turning tide

but seriously this whole album is 'driving in my car on the highway on a sunny day' good.
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Days by Real Estate. Its a little mellower than what you posted, but it's got most of what you're looking for. It's a go to for this time for year for me.
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Here is the aforementioned playlist Landscape. Some similar shorter playlists are Respring IV, Respring II, and Respring III.
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On more listens it also reminds me of Band of Horses.
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Check out Patrick Watson.
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Download Songza, go to a playlist called (literally) "Dream Pop" - it's exactly what you want.

Has a lot of Twin Shadow, Cocteau Twins, Beach House, etc.
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