I need a new external monitor for my iMac
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I had a new iMac and my older, external Apple display (10 years) recently died. The thunderbolt screens have terrible, terrible reviews. Any suggestions on a specific model for a 27 inch screen? I do video editing so it needs to be pretty decent. Thanks.
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If you were going to buy a Thunderbolt display, you might consider looking at running a second iMac (used or refurbished) with Screen Recycler to bridge displays. Or you could wait until OS X 10.9.3 is released — Apple might put out new 4K displays, which should be pretty useful for video editing.
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I don't know how you define "pretty decent" and you don't say what you can afford, but the HP DreamColor displays are fantastic and the price just dropped with the introduction of two new models. The 27-inch Z27x is $1,500 and should be available by the end of the month. It works with 4K input (though it is not 4K resolution) which could be important if you're going to edit high-res video. I'm strongly considering the 24-inch Z24x, which is a great deal at $600.
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I have two Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitors connected to my Macbook Pro. The one thing I have learned from shopping for monitors is that the 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio at 1920X1200 is much sharper to me than the 1080 monitors.
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A lot of designers like the higher-end NEC displays. For a little more, you can get one that comes with their color calibrater doo-dad.
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I haven't compared every monitor in the world but the best color I've seen on any monitor ever has been on a higher-end Dell. Just beautiful. Some of the Apple monitors may be comparable quality but you'll pay 2-3 times as much at the least.
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Thirding the Dell Ultrasharp monitors. They are the reasonably-priced siblings of the Apple Monitors (which are very nice, but very overpriced).
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I've used quite a few of the DELL Ultrasharp series and find the older ones better. We have a couple of FP2007s in use that still calibrate pretty well. I also have a few U2410s which are generally good but don't calibrate too well when the brightness is turned down to the sort of levels I use - 80-100 cd/m2

The NECs are great and I would generally recommend them for demanding work, but EIZO's new low end monitors are amazingly good given they cost about the same as the high end DELLs here in Australia. I have a couple of EV2436Ws on my work machine. Can't fault them really.
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heh, i'm assuming you had the 30in. those have been croaking a lot.

the lowest priced quality 27in display is the basic HP. The dell ultrasharp is also great. Look at refurbs, i've seen the dell for under $600(sometimes even under $500) and the HP is regularly under $400. Paying retail is for suckers.

The dells come with a pre-calibrated profile, in theory. I don't believe anything is "calibrated" unless you calibrate it on the machine you intend to run it on, but it's still at least a demonstration that they calibrate well and easily in theory.
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