Who and what are on this fabric?
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I have some fabric I picked up from a remnant stall a while ago. It has Japanese writing and pictures of faces all over it - is it just a random design or are these characters from some manga\anime? (The place also had Naruto fabric, but there,s no logo I recognise here, nor anything on the selvege.) Picture here. Any ideas? I want to check in case it'll unwittingly offend Japanese speakers!
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Font/script is a little hard to read for me but I think I can make out:

"なにしとんねん" ("nani shitonen"?) "え-、そんなんできるんですか" ("e, sonnan dekirun desu ka?")

The latter phrase seems to come up a lot in comedy bits and in a Wikipedia entry for a Japanese comedian (See 3.1 here). I _believe_ it would translate as "Can I do that?"
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The art style looks similar to Shin-chan, but I don't recognize the characters' faces.
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That was my thought, too. Crayon Shinchan
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A Twitter friend from Japan says they are comedians, so I think wildcrdj is on the right track. :)

(And the characters from Shin-chan are iconic and would be easy to recognize; it's not them.)
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It has comedians from Yoshimoto Kogyo, a big comedy talent agency, and their catchphrases. "What are you doing?" "Excuse me" "Oh, it's possible to do that?" - nothing particularly offensive. In the box is "shoubai hanjou" - a pun on "business is booming/ the comedy business is booming."
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wildcrdj and Sar got it. えーそんなんできるんですか is Katsunori Uchiba's line (his wife is also a comedian so I think they're featured there together) おじゃましまんにゃわ ojamashiman-nyawa is Tatsuo Inoue's line in Yoshimoto Shinkigeki skits. なにしとんねん is a bit too common to pinpoint to a particular actor, but that squarish face is probably Shigeo Tsujimoto.

Nothing offensive at all, just some silly Osaka comedy!
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Thank you all!
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