Shirley Temple in a Bottle
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Where can I find Boylan's Shirley Temple soda or Batch Craft's Shirley Temple soda locally near San Francisco?

Has anyone seen them in the wild? I know Batch Craft is at Old Port Lobster Shack. I emailed Batch Craft Soda, but they didn't seem to know exactly where I could buy their soda. I have bought Boylan's Shirley Temple online, but I'm wondering if it's possible to buy it locally. That flavor isn't on their Soda Seeker web site. I looked at the Fizzary's list, and neither was on it.

While we're at it, if anyone knows where to find a prickly pear flavored soda, I'm open to that too.
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I don't see those specifically, but you might check out the fizzary. They might consider ordering it w/customer input. They do have the saranac shirley temple.
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Rocket Fizz offers a Shirley Temple soda. There's a store in downtown Palo Alto.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I've been to Rocket Fizz and have checked out their Shirley Temple soda and Saranac's, but my conspirator and I have declared Boylan and Batch Craft to be the clear winners for Shirley Temple flavored sodas. I think I might just have to schlep up to the City and check out The Fizzary.
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