List of Songs That Feature Fast/Prominent Hi Hat Percussion?
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Could you list me a few songs that feature significant, heavy, or otherwise noteworthy/distinctive use of the hi-hat cymbal(s) within the general percussion setup of a song?

Not exclusive use of hi-hat per se, but a song that, to you, the hi-hat plays a significant role. Artist/Tune combo preferred.

Example: Roxanne by The Police (original / drummer cover)

Quoting YT examples not necessary.. Pretty much every way I've tried googling just brings up people asking how to play the hi-hat, rather than good examples of musicians already doing it...
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Theme from Shaft
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Not a song so much as a routine, but drummer extraordinaire Steve Smith does something called "Mr. Hi Hat". There's probably a much better recording of it somewhere.
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ELO's "Don't Bring Me Down".
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Southern Hip-Hop in general goes crazy with the high-hat. (But it's a synthesized high-hat).
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Steve Miller Band - "Swingtown" and "Take the Money and Run"
Rush - Subdivisions
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Weather Report, "Teen Town", with Jaco Pastorius on drums.

Peter Gabriel, "Red Rain"
That's Stewart Copeland on the hi-hat - almost anything by The Police will fit your request, too.
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Bob Dylan's Tangled Up In Blue (the version on BOTT anyway) has a prominent hi-hat part.
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Tom Waits - Diamonds on my Windshield
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Foo Fighters - Everlong
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Bruce Springsteen, "Candy's Room," from Born to Run.
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Rock and Roll by Led Zepplin!
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check out Prince's "Something In The Water" -- LINN machine used -- but heavy on the HH
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Just about anything by The Police. Stewart Copeland was very melodic in his use of high hats.
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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
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New Order's Ceremony (more prominently in its earlier rough Joy Division incarnation)
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Pe'z, T.K.O それ ちょっと早くない? (isn't that a little fast?)

Uploaded it to my music blog because I couldn't find it anywhere on the dang internet.
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Harborcoat - REM
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For more white British reggae hi-hat action, there's Elvis Costello's Watching the Detectives.
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Last one--for a different spin, check out some of what that gorilla Todd Trainer does in the sparse parts of Shellac songs. The first song on Terraform (linked) is empty enough that the repetitive hi-hat has as much prominence as anything else.
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For real the last one, now that I'm thinking of Touch & Go bands--Jesus Lizard - Gladiator. Just open them hats and enjoy.
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Dave Matthews Band, #41

Bloc Party, Like Eating Glass, Positive Tension, Luno

Queens of the Stone Age, Monsters in the Parasol
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Sorry no links because I am on my phone. Dave Bruneck's Take Five stands out clearly :)
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Boz Scaggs' "Lowdown" features an overdubbed high hat in addition to the high hat recorded on the first pass with the drums.
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Spin Doctors - how could you want him Has an interesting hi-hat pattern.
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Brendan Benson - Cold Hands Warm Heart also has some great drum fills, interesting hat pattern and the fills really feature the hats.
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Tom Waits - Raised Right Men
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It's electronic, so I don't know if it counts for you, but

New Order - Fine Time, from 1989's Technique

was the first song I thought of.
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Love Hangover by Diana Ross has a pretty distinctive driving hi-hat riff in the latter uptempo section of the song. It's so pushy that it's possible that the cymbal track is on a separate tape loop.
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Don Caballero - In the Abscence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the Way of the Charging Bull
(Link is a video of a 37 min live set, with the camera pretty much centered on the hi hat the whole time.)
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William Parker & Hamid Drake - Chatima
Rhys Chatham - Guitar Trio
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Dang it, here's the Don Caballero link.
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Barry White, Never Gonna Give You Up.
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Tortoise - Seneca (after about a 2 min. intro)
Steve Reid - Lions of Juda
The Beatles - All My Loving
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The Sea and Cake - Weekend, Afternoon Speaker, Leeora
(That's John McEntire, the same drummer from Tortoise.)
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Funny, my first thought was The Clash - Clampdown, which is the track right after Lost on the Supermarket mentioned above, which led me down a Clash rabbit hole—apparently Topper Heaton loved that hi-hat.

There's a ton of interesting hi hat on Senses Fail - Handguns and A New Chance (however, warning: early 2000s screamo).
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Domenico + 2 - Alegria Vai Lá
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TYVEK - Wayne County Roads (nsfw image)
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