In search of truly customizable meal planner
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I’m looking for a customizable meal planner that will provide me with a week-long menu and shopping list for clean, healthy, calorie-dictated meals with recipes based on ingredients that will work for my specific situation (calorie regulated + no processed foods + food sensitivities.) I’m sure this question has been asked/answered before but in reviewing previous posts and recommended sites/tools/apps I can’t find something that will meet *all* of my specifications.

I need a weekly diet/meal planner, recipes and shopping list that will facilitate a truly no-brainer way to meeting my following goals/needs:

1. allow me to set specific calorie limits
2. plan/recipes oriented toward 1-2 people
3. low carb + low glycemic
4. does not rely on use of processed foods, e.g, frozen meals, shakes or “energy” bars
5. will allow me to filter out certain verboten ingredients: onions, eggs, gluten

I know there are tools out there that will allow me to do part of what I want ( offers gluten-free / low-carb / low-calorie plans, but I have to pick one and only one; Atkins will get me low-carb and calorie restricted but relies on a lot of processed foods, etc.) — but I haven’t been able to find a tool that will meet ALL of my above criteria. I need this to be as easy as possible — I don’t want to have to do *anything* other than set my calorie restrictions, set my food exclusions or preferences, and then get a weekly plan of healthy recipes and a shopping list geared toward 1-2 people.

Does this exist? It seems like it would have to but I’m just not having any luck finding it! Thanks for any pointers or suggestions.
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A nutritionist does just this sort of thing,
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I found it irritating to work with, but you could try (Or I guess its newer version.)
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Check out eat this much. I think it meets all of your criteria.
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Sorry cotton dress sock! I didn't recognize the old name!
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