Best online banking in Richmond, VA?
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I am moving from the Charlottesville, VA area to the Richmond, VA area this summer, and I need a new bank. My meager business will be awarded to the bank who offers the best online banking experience, particularly in the arena of paying bills online. Richmonders of MeFi? What bank do you love?

I am from Richmond, but things have changed a bit since I have lived there. My current bank is my beloved University of Virginia Community Credit Union, so I am open to credit unions as well as traditional banks.

Also, you get bonus points if the bank you nominate has a branch in Charlottesville, although this is not essential.

Thanks, as always.
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The best online bank is an online bank.. is that for some reason not an option?
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I feel like credit unions are the way to go. Pentagon federal credit union is good for low interest rate loans, but the main one I use is my local credit union that has great online access, great interest rates and low fees.

A friend of mine recommends capital 360 for its convenience and ease of use.

Sorry that I don't know local VA banks.
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