Monitor options for this laptop with these ports?
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What are the monitor expansion options for a laptop with these ports? images. I think I see mini-HDMI on the right hand side? And is that DisplayPort on the left?
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Ports from left to right: power, USB, mini-HDMI, ethernet (presumably with some kind of dongle,) microphone.
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That was dumb, I missed the second photo. The other side has something that doesn't look like any standard video connection I know, but the label suggests a monitor so I suspect it might accept a breakout dongle for VGA or DVI.
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You can physically connect any kind of screen to the mini-HDMI port with an appropriate adapter. The graphics card in your laptop will determine the maximum resolution you can support on that monitor.
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Thanks contraption. I actually thought that the weird port on the right side could be some sort of HDMI as well. In any case, it sounds like I've got at least mini-HDMI to work with...
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If you do end up using an adaptor to go from HDMI to a non-HDMI format, chances are you'll lose the audio portion of the signal so keep in mind that you might need to run audio separately out of the headphone jack.
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Looks like this is a Samsung Series 9 which acording to the specs has a mini-vga port. I suggest going to the site and downloading the manual for future reference.
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Contraption, that blue port on the second image might be usb3? I have a Usb3 video adapter. Haven't tried it yet, but looks promising.
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You can use most types of monitors theoretically. Just get an adapter that coverts whatever you have to the type of port the monitor you want has. edit: Just seeing now other people said that.
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