Help me buy a REALLY flatpack armchair.
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I need to find, in the UK an affordable wingback armchair that actually comes flatpacked for my soon to be breastfeeding wife.

I originally bought an IKEA strandmon chair, which is lovely and very comfortable, but what they meant by assembly required was, "you have to screw four legs on".
The problem is that it won't fit through my very narrow bedroom door.
So, where can I find a nice chair that is actually genuinely self assembly.
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IKEA poang. My wife breastfed 2 kids on one. Just need a few small pillows to get everything in place but uta very comfortable and truly flat pack.
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Yeah, Ikea Poang is what you want. I've got one of them, we've got several at work, they're pretty darn comfortable for a <$100 chair.
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A poang is my reading chair, and I spend a lot of time reading. One or two small throw pillows and I'm set for hours.
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How narrow is that bedroom door, exactly? Have you tried tipping the chair so one side is lying on the floor, pushing the back through the doorway with the top of the chair first, and then rotating the back to be parallel with your wall so you can pull the seat and arms through, too? (Without the legs on, of course.)
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The bedroom door is in fact a boat cabin door. There is a short corridor which means that the usual twisty Spinny approach doesn't yield much.
The only way to get the thing in would be of I could partially disassemble it.
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We brought a sleeper sofa into a bedroom once through the window. It took a block and tackle, but we got it in when the door was too narrow. Just suggesting that as an option.
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I also came in to say Ikea Poang, which I am sitting in and breastfeeding as I type this (one-handed). It has survived eight months of heavy daily use. Best baby item we bought, hands down!
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Here is a disassembled Poang being assembled.
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Given the things I have best answered I think you can tell what I went with.
I have a very pregnant very happy wife sitting in the poang I just built. She insisted I come back to the thread to thank you all.
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Happy incubating!
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